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Logo adapted by Parjakalyanm , A social work organisation.

Logo adapted by Parjakalyanm , A social work organisation.

Logo adapted by Parjakalyanm , A social work organisation.


True Humanity but where?

New things are going on just to change the scenario of humanity. What we think about Humanity. Is it a material thing or mortal. In India itself more than 60000 NGO is actively/sleeping but  working. A big portion of money is going through these mediums. I appreciate the strength but find lake of coordination between them itself. No doubt NGO/Social worker is doing a lot and  a very effecting part of Govt’s programe is going through these NGo’s.

But when I wondering  in the busy roads of Delhi, I found that there are several type of people, dressing up in different style, carrying little babies even infants, plaster man, wounded etc and begging here and there. anyone can see them  sitting near red light ,  in front of religious places, around local dhabas’, Railway station, at bus stand , around picture hall.

One thing that make me more sad , when I saw numerous  people sitting around Old Yamuna Bazar area near Hanuman Temple and around Nigambodh Ghat. There , they are not sitting idle  but also they can be seen while taking dangerous drugs. Where these people wondering is not an  isolated places or  like Jungles of Amazon. It can be seen at very busy and religious places. Nigambodh ghat is a Shamshan Bhumi( Cremation place) for Hindus. Daily thousand’s of people and some time VIP and VVIP came there. Nearby is a holy place, known for Hanumanji’s temple. Where thousand s of devotees comes for offering pooja.  No doubt all devotees organise bhandara and feed them homeless peoples. But, How long and on what basis we can say our doing some solid and workable program for their uplifting, to give them a home, give them proper meditiens and their rehabilitation to save them from danger of drugs the takes.  In the winter Govt takes some steps to built rainbasere (Night shelter) around Yamuna bank.

So, I appeal to esteemed NGOs to come ahead and do something workable for their rehabilitation

I have tips to give them true help. If any body want to contact, please send a mail to We will share our views and let’s do something together for true humanity.

[By bs rana, Parjakalyanm]





Hello world!

Hello world!.

yesterday I was passing through Karogbagh Market (Delhi, India). Just waiting the green signal to go ahead, suddenly two boys came. They were cute and aged about 4-6 year. wearing turned closed , bare foot. and started begging around busy road. their mother was sitting around and she was also   in her business. Really pity scene was that. We all are setting in our a/c car with relax mood  and thinking to touch sky limits. But , why we can’t do something valuable , something that really work for their welfare. Is our govt , our political parties just using them as vote bank. What kind of lacking or limitation of resources has with govt. I want to do something good for them but how can I do without money, without support of people who has similar thinking as I have.


Parjakalyanm is a social work organisation  by Balwant singh rana. Our main moto and goel is social work. We want to work for those  who are living around street, those have no hut to live. want to work  for their children by giving them quality education and better standards to live with dignity and prosperity.


Hello world!

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